Official Selection 2018




The Substitute
Matthew McCaulley
United States
Sergeant William Burke has had to handle many tough situations in his 20+ years in law enforcement. But this was no ordinary day. And little did Sergeant Burke know that today everything he believed would be put to the ultimate test.

Luke Hawthorne
United States
Chance Grey has had a tough go at life. His father abandoned him at a young age and his mother died of an overdose. Having been raised in foster care it was easy for him to feel that no one cares for him and that he will have to create his own destiny. When he loses everything that he has worked for (College Football Scholarship) he comes back to his hometown with nowhere to go until his old foster care buddy offers him a job on his crew. Chance knows drug dealing isn't the lifestyle he should choose but the benefits seem to outweigh the danger, until one night when a drug deal goes wrong and Chance is left for dead chained to a rock in the middle of the desert. There Chance is confronted by an omnipresent being who takes Chance through his life history and reveals to Chance that he was never really alone.

The Passion
Josh Carroll
United States
The Passion: A Brickfilm accurately portrays the story of Jesus' death and resurrection through the eyes of LEGO® characters. From the garden of Gethsemane, to the resurrection, The Passion: A Brickfilm is a beautiful look into the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Shot on location in Uganda, Africa, The Passion: A Brickfilm features stunning visuals, a diverse cast, and lovingly designed historical sets that truly bring the Bible to life.

Cascote - Do you know where your brother is?
Sergio Liendo
This film talks about LOVE YOUR BROTHER. Your brother of blood. It also speaks of the relationship with the neighbors, delayed motherhood, and connect with how the "Cain" effect is still in today's world.

Alek Gearhart
United States
A miracle occurs during the filming of an ISIS execution video where 3 Christians are to be slain.


Freedom Net
Pablo Moreno
Set in France during the Second World War, this film tells the true story of the extraordinary work of Helen Studler, a nun of the order the Daughters of Charity, who saved the lives of thousands. She prevented the capture of and liberated refugees and enemies of not only the Reich but those who would collaborate with them. She would save General Giraud and future President of France Francois Mitterand. With no concern for her own safety she created a network of like-minded men and women that would forever change the lives of orphans, the elderly, the lost and the defeated, prisoners and spread hope in the darkest days of mans history.

Where Is My Home
The Church of Almighty God
Korea, Republic of
“Where Is My Home” has been adapted from a true experience of a Christian. The film describes in detail the protagonist’s life of wandering from home to home at a young age as a result of her parents’ divorce. After growing up she suffers even more painful events such as accidents in the home, illness of her mother, death of her father, and estrangement from her relatives and friends. It is only after she believes in God that she begins to come out from her suffering and find a happy life. By believing in God, the protagonist discovers a true sense of belonging in her soul, bringing a ray of hope to all those who live amidst suffering and helplessness.

Maybe tomorrow
Dwight Gregorich
Jacobo is a convicted man, who has regained his freedom. Now he returns home trying to rebuild his life and move his family forward; but in the process, he will discover that it is not a simple task to carry. Discriminated by society, Jacobo will face a number of difficulties and little by little, his new beliefs will be tested. Everything becomes more complicated when Tony, a former partner of misdeeds arrives with an offer that could solve all Jacobo´s problems.

Alone, after the rapture
Paul Reyes
The film shows life after the 'Rapture' of God; all kinds of violence and injustice on earth.
A group of villains wants to control everything that happens in a small city, that means persecuting and torturing a group of people who seek their salvation at all costs.

The Devoted
Pozsgai Zsolt
1536 – Europe is in flames. The Roman Catholic Church and the followers of Reformation started by Luther are fighting with each other: the Roman Catholic Church, which has descended to unprecedented ethical and moral depths and the new type of messages of the Reformation. The pyres are on fire: the high priests of the Roman Catholic Church are burning the followers of the Reformation, and the monarchs who have converted to the Reformed faith are craving for revenge, and are persecuting the Catholics. This is the athmosphere in which the young Calvin appears, trying to solidify the new teachings in the capital of Reformation, Geneva, and trying to convert the whole of Switzerland. In the churches debates about religion are taking place – the film is about one of the most famous such debates. While Calvin is trying to convert the town of Lausanne, he is faced with a worthy opponent: Ignatius of Loyola, later the founder of the Jesuit order and receiving the title of Saint. But now he is only a wandering priest on his way to Rome, who wants to renew the Roman Catholic Church from inside. He is Calvin's opponent in the debate about religion. A religious reformer wanting to destroy everything to build a completely new Europe – and another reformer who wishes to reform his church based on the ancient Christian doctrines. During the debate we get to know the two men's lives and the road leading up to the debate itself. The film depicts love, treason, we see burnt masters, faith and faithlessness and also the ultimate question: is the renewal of contemporary Europe only possible through destruction, dead bodies and horror, wars and killing? We can also draw conclusions for the present. The film was produced in the 500th jubilee year of the Reformation.


Breaking Boundaries
James Baumann
Breaking Boundaries is a social justice documentary that showcases the love and admiration of students across socioeconomic bounds. Filmed in Barranquilla, Colombia, Breaking Boundaries shows the story of how young women teach, encourage, and give hope to youth that have found themselves in complex and strenuous situations.

Free the Forgotten: Whispers into Shouts
Beau Chevassus
United States
An investigative documentary that explores a little-known human rights tragedy that is sweeping through Nepal: a new law that prohibits religious freedom of choice.
Very few in the world know that arrests, lawsuits, and bombings are occurring in Nepal. Now we see people, from major charity leaders to humble volunteers serving AIDs orphans in Nepal slums, speak up for their country’s religious freedom.
Through this powerful film, captured entirely in Nepal, you are turning the whispers of the oppressed into shouts across the globe. e.

Our Yolŋu Story of Faith
Matthew Blyth
Our Yolŋu Story of Faith: a story about our people, our language, our faith, our culture. Hundreds of indigenous Australian languages and traditional cultural practices are dead or dying. In remote communities across North East Arnhem Land, a team of learned Yolŋu has worked tirelessly over generations to keep language, faith and culture strong. The impetus for their work may not be what you’d expect.

I Believe in Freedom
Daniel Waghorne
United States
A documentary about two missionaries who have dedicated their lives to ending forced prostitution on Mozambique, and about the lives of the women they have already changed.

Ariel Faith and Trust
Jesús Adrián Romero
Jesús Adrián Romero reads a very sad letter that makes us see the need for faith and trust. How we face and close the difficult situations of life, how we face tragedies, the diagnosis of an incurable disease, the death of a loved one, a divorce that came to break many of our dreams, and the importance to continue living.


From Mass to the Mountain
Kurt Sensenbrenner
United States
"From Mass to the Mountain" takes you to eastern Panama, where decades of government corruption and neglect have impoverished the region. But thanks to the tireless efforts of one priest to build infrastructure, protect watersheds, and conserve the rainforest, life is looking up for the locals.

Sam Fischer
United States
Together 2016 was an ecumenical Christian event held at the National Mall in Washington, D.C. The event was scheduled to feature over 40 speakers, including Pope Francis, who made a video address to the attendees of the event. Other prominent speakers included the Christian apologist Ravi Zacharias and evangelist Samuel Rodriguez, as well as musicians Lecrae and Hillsong United.] The event is the largest Christian event in the history of the United States. The organizer of the event Nick Hall, stated that "We believe it’s time to lift up a message of hope. There’s all kinds of division, so we’re praying for healing and we’re praying for change".

Cowboy and Preacher
Will Fraser
United Kingdom
Tri Robinson, an evangelical pastor in Idaho who is also a life-long environmentalist, has battled throughout his life to try to get conservative Christians, many of whom do not take the environment seriously, to realise that being a conservative Christian and an environmentalist are not mutually exclusive. Most environmental films seem to be framed for a liberal audience - ie they preach to the converted. This film aims at the unconverted, while also offering liberals and non-Christians a fascinating portrayal of conservative evangelical life, values and mindset. This film is absolutely timely - not only is the destruction of the environment probably the most important issue facing all people, but many American politicians and voters are in denial about it.
In the film we see the efforts Tri makes to create a green conservative church and unite this with his life as a rancher, all the while developing a Christian system of ideas that unites environmentalism with moral development and action.

1517 The Flame Rekindled
Clayton Van Huss
United States
500 years ago, a single monk had the audacity to nail his problems with the Church to the door of the Church. The single most influential man in the history of the world since the time of the apostles, who was Martin Luther and how did his actions on October 31, 1517 change the world?

500 years of the Evangelical Reform
TV Publica
Documentary for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation Movement. It will explore the development of evangelical churches in Argentina and their important influence in areas such as education and the struggle for human and civil rights.


Drew's Dancing Drum
United States
Drew loves playing his drum for people until he is bullied by a boy named Malcolm. His dad encourages Drew to go on drumming and befriend the very boy that bullied him.

The Prodigal
Tod Polson
A father has two sons. The younger asks the father for his inheritance, which the father gives him. However, the younger son squanders his fortune, eventually becoming destitute. Starving, he returns home intending to work for his father as a servant. To the son's surprise, his father welcomes him back with celebration and fanfare. The older son, on the other hand is not so happy about the younger brothers return.

Fundación Carmen Noriega
Everyone comes up to an idea of something when we hear the word "god". An image, a concept, a feeling ... How do you imagine God?


Luka Weber
Web series of twelve chapters that studies the personality of the 12 apostles.

Life Plan
Doxa Films
Web series of 8 episodes that propose to reflect on unwanted pregnancy and the possibility of abortion.

The truth in 2 minutes
We do not pretend to know "all the Truth", but we do approach it, so we invite you to share your discoveries about the most fascinating book.


Eric McClenahan
United States
A woman reflects on life and love on stage.

'Stronger' (Más Fuerte) is the name of our new album. This phrase has a double meaning for us. First, 'My love is stronger than your mistake ...' refers to a God who does not surrender with us, He is the one who calls, and who waits. A God who gave everything so that we understand the magnitude of his love - although we may never fully understand it - in spite of what we are or have been today, perhaps even of what we are going to be. Thus, he speaks of that Grace well understood and valued. Secondly, 'Stronger' expresses that we are more ready than ever to keep walking / running / flying in this dream called MESVER.

The Parliament of Soul
Zdenek Beran
Czech Republic
This international project is dedicated to all souls and remembers those who can no longer be with us. We believe that art connects us, enriches us and makes us more receptive and tolerant. With the international musical project THE PARLIAMENT OF SOULS we hope to remind all who hear and see it that we should always be grateful for the gift of the departed, not only to our own ancestors, but also the important personalities of society. The world premiere of the project took place in November 2016 at the Zofin Palace in Prague. All the artists who participated in honour of the memory of Václav Havel (80th anniversary of the birth).

Abby Gacioppo
Possible (Posible), is inspired by the life story of Jean Maggi, a story of overcoming. Jean was diagnosed with poliomyelitis when he was one year old. Despite the adversities of life, he was able to fulfill his dreams: climb mountains, cross rivers and travel the world.

The Great Mountain
Cristina Olivera
"The great mountain" (La Gran Montaña) message of self-improvement "Make your way to the top, because it will always be better to climb the mountain ... than to look at it from afar"

Without permission
Corto Plazo
Work done for Tell The Story Films.
Direction, Camera and Edition: Kevin Borysiuk
Assistants: Ali Alonso, Ian Piccinini